From visions and scenarios to business tools: more than 90 unmissable online events with Bit Talks
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From visions and scenarios to business tools: more than 90 unmissable online events with Bit Talks

With 5 areas ranging from Training to Hot Topics, from Experiential Travel to Technology & Innovation to Food & Wine Tourism, the route towards post-pandemic recovery is enriched with practical analyses and tools.


Not only a great platform to network with operators and engage in dialogue with the travelling public, in an innovative digital format. It is also an online arena in which to explore visions, scenarios and unexpected trends, analyse data and explore the hottest topics. Or discover the most advanced tools to develop business or ride the digital transformation.


All this and much more is the Bit Digital Edition - online from Sunday 9 to Tuesday 11 May for operators and from Wednesday 12 to Friday 14 for the travelling public - thanks to Bit Talks: the schedule of over 90 streaming events, 13 of which in English simultaneously, which will offer a complete panorama of the most promising developments in the sector.


Entrusted to the editorial direction of Carlo Antonelli, CEO of Fiera Milano Media, the innovative digital discussion space, even in its name, is intended to underline the even higher level of this year’s programme, which for the first time integrates the professional programme with special talks with a mainly cultural slant, while the panorama of reports by authoritative sector analysts presented at Bit Digital Edition will be of unprecedented magnitude.


The events will be divided into 5 topical areas, each one identified using a different colour to make access even more intuitive: Training (blue), Experiential Travel (brown), Technology & Innovation (grey), Hot Topics (ochre) and Food & Wine Tourism (green).


Top-level institutional presences for the inaugural conference on Sunday 9 May at 11.00 a.m. Speakers: Luca Palermo, CEO and General Manager of Fiera Milano; Caroline Bremner, Head of Travel Research at Euromonitor International; Alessandra Priante, Europe Director of the United Nations World Tourism Organisation; Thierry Breton, European Commissioner for the Internal Market; and Massimo Garavaglia, Minister of Tourism. Moderator: Magda Antonioli, Director ACME Bocconi University.


On 9 May at 12:30 p.m. the XXIV Italian Tourism Report returns to Bit, the most authoritative and prestigious report on Italian tourism, even more eagerly awaited in this year of uncertainty for operators. This edition gives ample space to the quantitative and qualitative effects of the pandemic on the sector in order to understand the changes in the market and society and indicate which levers to focus on. Together with Alfonso Morvillo, Coordinator of the Report, and Mara Manente, Director of CISET, experts, academics and institutions comment on the data.



Scenarios to guide business


For the first time, Oxford Economics will be a partner of Bit Digital Edition. On 9 May at 16:00 it will present the European Tourism Forecast, unanimously considered among the most reliable thanks to its ability to combine sectoral approach and macroeconomic vision. David Goodger, who leads Oxford Economics' work in terms of forecasting and analysing the impact on the sector as Director of Tourism Economics in Europe, will speak about this.


As part of its strong international outreach, Bit Digital Edition devotes special attention to Italy. Will 2021 be the Bel Paese's redemption after a complicated 2020? Opportunities to be discovered at the meeting The 2021 challenge? It is to focus on Italy, on 9 May at 14:00, listening to high-profile speakers such as: Lara Magoni, Councillor for Tourism, Regional Marketing and Fashion of the Lombardy Region; Giorgio Palmucci, President of Enit; Luca Scandale, Coordinator of the Strategic Tourism Plan “Puglia365” of PugliaPromotion; Giacomo Trovato, Country Manager Italy and South East Europe of Airbnb; and Francesco Palumbo, Director of Tuscany Tourism Promotion.




Digital transformation and hot topics in the spotlight


Of particular interest is the focus on innovative technologies in the Technology & Innovationsection. On 10 May at 15:00, the meeting Wine tourism, can it be experienced from the sofa at home? will explain how to add value to wine tourism through a marketplace where wines can be sold in combination with online and offline experiences. At 16:00 there will be a discussion on New Hygiene Standards and Digital Innovation , which will explore how to demonstrate to guests, even online, that your service is safe.


The meetings on 11 May include, at 15:00, How to adapt to changes in tourism and improve profits: self check-in, digital concierge, all-in-one automation are just some of the topics that will be covered to address the changes brought about by Covid with innovative tools. At 17:00 it will be the turn of an appointment dedicated to the Creation and digitisation of experiential tourism: today it is easier to do it, enhancing corporate image and involving local partners, as will be explained


Among the Hot Topics, on 10 May at 11:00 Slow is the new luxury? will explain how the objective of the new traveller is not the destination but the route, while talking about targets, also on 10 May at 12:00 pm, the meeting From Baby Boomers to Perennials, travelling all together with passion will analyse how contemporary travel involves all ages with a great generational mix. On 11 May at 15:00, the focus is on International Destinations: trends and marketing strategies, best practices, technological innovation, communication and constant engagement with the traveller to keep desirability high.


Also on Monday 10 May at 11:30, one of the conferences that will best shape the tourism of tomorrow: The new era of Tour Operating, with Ezio Birondi, Chief Operating Officer Settemari-Amo il Mondo-Jump; Massimo Broccoli, Commercial Director Veratour; Danilo Curzi, CEO Idee per Viaggiare; Alessandro Seghi, Commercial Director Trade Alpitour World; Franco Gattinoni, President Fto; Ivana Jelinic, President Fiavet; Andrea Mele, Deputy Vice President ASTOI Confindustria Viaggi and Michele Serra, President Quality Group.


Finally, another hot topic not to be missed is Aviation system: recovery between technology and synergies on the ground and in the air, 11 May at 12:00 Covid free flights, spacing, cabin disinfection, thermoscanner, rapid swabs before boarding. The close cooperation between airlines and airport systems has led to a gradual revival of air activity on domestic routes as well as medium and long-haul routes and a boost in passenger confidence. What does the summer look like? What are the hot topics that could accelerate the revival?



From revenue to experiences to new food and wine opportunities


Among the many events on the subject of Training, we would like to mention the event Revenue management outside the hotel sector: best practices for 2021 on 9 May at 16:00, which explains how revenue management has gone from being a tool dedicated to the hotel sector to one of the services most in demand among property managers. 10 May at 14:00 The relaunch of tourist destinations. What to do, new demands and trends will analyse the wishes of the market and its new features also available to the non-hotel sector. On 11 May at 16:00 Emotions and Selling will explain how to increase sales through knowledge and management of our customer's emotions.


The multifaceted Experiential Travel area will explore many of the most interesting recent trends. On 10 May at 18:00 Promoting the region: what tools to use in a practical way and in tune with one’s identity explains that the region is worth knowing because it is the real product to be "sold" in tune with the brand. On 11 May at 18:00, a highly topical issue such as equal gender opportunities will be the focus of Women’s communities as a driving force for the promotion of regions again on 11 May, but at 16:00, a decline in active tourism is described in Cycling in Italy: cycling in protected areas: cycle routes are in fact one of the most sought-after local tourism experiences.


With the Food & Wine Tourism section, the Bit Talks will pay particular attention to food and wine tourism, which is confirmed, especially for Italy, as another cross-cutting theme capable of combining experience, seasonal adjustment, sustainability and innovation. In this area, curated by Professor Roberta Garibaldi, the Report on Italian Food and Wine Tourism 2021 will be previewed at Bit Digital Edition on 10 May at 12:00.


How this mode of travel helps seasonal adjustment, by contributing to the sustainability of locations will also be discussed. The specifics of wine tourism will be discussed, with particular emphasis on developing new services, including virtual services, and wider, high-quality access to territories. But since food is culture, the UNESCO Sites and Collaborative Networks talk will explore the synergies between these two major attractions and how to apply them.



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